Manuals and Guides for Hard To Find Items

A list of manuals and guides mostly for Chinese bought items that otherwise would be indecipherable without!

Posted by David Howell - 04/19/2020 - Jump to comments

Manuals and Guides for Hard To Find Items

I purchase a lot of items from AliExpress and other places that tend to be unique or otherwise indecipherable without a manual. This will serve as my master list of manuals and guides that I have purchased and scanned in. It is my hopes with SEO and other page matching, I can help those who might have the same item or similar items but without a manual to configure it. I have found for some items, like Bluetooth headphones, that in order to configure in special modes I need a manual to review in order to get them to that mode and back.


  • 04/18/2020 Initial List Created, to add better product descriptions.
  • 05/06/2021 Added additional manual for misc. devices I have collected in the past year.
  • 02/25/2022 Additional manual scanned in and added
  • 03/30/2022 Add Paint Sprayer Manual

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